IO2 - In-service Training Programme

Partners will develop a bespoke in-service training programme to ensure that VET tutors are fully trained to harness the potential of the XCAPE digital breakout resources and the online platform to help target group members develop the selected key creative and critical thinking skills and entrepreneurial attributes that are highly valued in the European labour market. Once the sample content for the 8 prototype resources is developed and signed-off at the partner meeting in month 6, ECQ will define the key learning outcomes of the in-service training for VET tutors and the skills, knowledge and competences to be developed.

The in-service training will place a significant emphasis on working in new dynamic, online learning environments and explore the different roles of VET professionals in these environments. The proposed new media-rich and interactive resources will potentially bring a wide range of new educational environments into the learning process especially smart phones, other mobile devices and social media platforms and partners need to ensure that all VET providers are:

  • comfortable working with the new resources in these non-traditional learning environments; 
  • fully bought-in to the benefits that online learning can bring;
  • fully aware of the risks that pertain in online environments;
  • able to safeguard against possible negative factors associated with online learning.

The in-service training programme will be available online as a hand-book in pdf format for printing and as a flip-book for online use.
It will be available in all partner languages by March 2021.