IO1 - XCAPE Digital Breakout Resources

The XCAPE Digital Breakout Compendium of Resources

The digital breakout challenges that comprise this innovative learning resource will address 2 key areas, namely; critical and creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. They will also address two other key areas, namely; digital competence and media literacy. The learning in these two areas will be embedded in the design of the learning resources.

For critical and creative thinking and developing entrepreneurial attributes resources will be developed for 4 different skill levels, namely; introductory, intermediate, advanced and expert. The different levels will ensure that learners can engage with the tools developed regardless of prior educational history and that a sustainable educational experience for learners is provided allowing them to build their skills by advancing through available levels. A minimum of 4 resources per area, per level will be developed resulting in a total of 32 digital breakout resources. This will allow partners to provide gender specific resources where necessary and to ensure that resources are culturally appropriate in all partner countries. The skills to be developed will reflect the skill areas outlined in the EntreComp Framework.

The resources will be available free of charge, in all partner languages by end of February 2021.